Using my static MAC address to Host my own P to P Network and Website

Has anyone ever used their static MAC address and CF to create their own p to p network?

I want to start using my static MAC address to Host my own P to P Website Network and Website and network.

Has anyone done this and or want to help me?

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After Div

IP address, not MAC address, right?

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It’s me after.div – I want to build a PC just for hosting my own website, files, cloud, ftp and email. I have static MAC address I just have to build the PC.

My idea is to plug in my server to any network and then I am live. And when I am not my network is not on line.

Make sense?

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After Div


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I just switch to fiber 500Mbs up and down.

The ISP said they would give me a static MAC address and the ISP thought this is what I needed to host or serve my own files. So its a permanent IP or MAC IP as I understand …

Kind Regards,
After Div

I also plan on using XAMPP to run my server … For email, ftp, website and file p to p exchange. It is my idea or thought everyone should have there own server.

Static IP address. That would make some sense.


This wouldn’t work. You need to have a server on your local network, open the correct ports (or not,, configure the correct software and firewall.

On the Cloudflare side the configuration is relatively easy, create a record for the domain or subdomain you want and use the IP address the ISP provided you as the target.

Caveat, this requires some knowledge. You can do a lot of damage with anything public on the internet unless properly secured and with knowledge on how to run things. Most things are way easier and cheaper to have a third party handle them for you.


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I think if everyone had there own server we could all communicate P to P for the important things in life and for the all the other ‘Mall of America’ stuff use the unsecure web as we know it today.

Thank you so much for all this info Matteo! I most certainly appreciate your time on creating my own P to P network wherever I go …

I will use this information along with what I do in the future and share it with this post when I have it up and running.

Recap: Build my own P to P Network using a dedicated PC running multi-gigabit cyber security firewall-little box – using XAMPP to serve and host my website, ftp, cloud and email.

CF looks like a good place to start considering the community.

After Div … :slight_smile:

You even consider using cloudflare tunnel

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