Using my own SSL Certificate



Guys excelent post and nice recomendations but read on this issue and follow the recomendations even for the IRAN user…


Please don’t cross post on other topics when you’ve already created one.


I’ll keep that in mind but is an issue that addresses a problem in many post… any recomendation? The guys are already aware of the situation and awareness of the issue is what makes improvements to the platform. The issue still present after following the instructions the universal ssl is still not active at and the cross post address the same issue referencing a collection of posible solutions.


Replied in your other thread.


I’m using cloudflare free SSL, Can I buy cloudflare’s dedicated-certificates,Is dedicated-certificates support chrome on windows XP ?


You can buy a dedicated :cert: on any plan level, and it should work with chrome on XP. Though I don’t recommend continuing to use XP :slight_smile: