Using my own SSL Certificate



Hi Ryan,
I’m in a similar situation meaning that I have a verified SSL installed on my MediaTemple server (the certificate is working). I’ve set SSL to Full Strict on Cloudflare but the SSL certificate is not working. I’ve been reading that if my account was added before Dec 6, 2016 I need to remove the account and re-added in order to have Cloudflare adding the free SSL certificate … or I will need to move to a Biz account.

Is that the case or am I missing to activate some settings in the crypto page? Aside from the explanation of the different versions of SSL (flexible, full … etc) I can’t find any article that indicate what else should be activated.

Thanks for your help.



What’s not working with your certificate? On Cloudflare’s Crypto tab, what’s your Status for the SSL setting?


The error I’m getting trying to browse is that the browser can’t establish a secure connection.
I can see that the SSL certificate is working fine on the origin site but not on Cloudflare.

The status for SSL is set for FULL Strict


In the Crypto tab with the SSL setting, there should be a Status reading that says “Active.” Is it Active, or is it Pending (or some other status)?


There’s no status whatsoever


Is this where you are looking?


Indeed. Keep in mind the site was added before Dec 2016



I think that the hosting partner you signed up with didn’t setup auto SSL until after you added your domains. Which means that you will probably have to remove and re-add them to your account to kick off the SSL process.


Understand. I thought so. Will the process create disruption for my site since you will probably modify the DNS.


It shouldn’t, because you don’t have SSL yet. However if you want to be extra careful you could change your DNS at your registrar to temporarily point away from Cloudflare.


Ok, thank you.


hi ty for great cloud flare it is realy great but im from iran and i already bought dv ssl from comodo from third party company ، after i actived cloudflare dns on my domain ،my comodo ssl deactived and i cant use it anymore،i cant use paid plan of cloud flare because all international payment are blocked in iran US sanctions prohibit trade with Iran. For that reason, international payment and credit cards cannot be used from iran and there is no third party company for help to buy cloud flare biz plans plz if there is way to active my own ssl again without paid plan plz tell me know Otherwise, im realy sorry i have no choice i have to disble cloud flare :(( plz just add ability of use own ssl for who paid for ssl:(


If you are bringing your own :cert: you will have to be on a BIZ plan. Is there a reason you don’t want to use the free SSL :cert: that comes on the FREE plan?


Guys excelent post and nice recomendations but read on this issue and follow the recomendations even for the IRAN user…


Please don’t cross post on other topics when you’ve already created one.


I’ll keep that in mind but is an issue that addresses a problem in many post… any recomendation? The guys are already aware of the situation and awareness of the issue is what makes improvements to the platform. The issue still present after following the instructions the universal ssl is still not active at and the cross post address the same issue referencing a collection of posible solutions.


Replied in your other thread.


I’m using cloudflare free SSL, Can I buy cloudflare’s dedicated-certificates,Is dedicated-certificates support chrome on windows XP ?


You can buy a dedicated :cert: on any plan level, and it should work with chrome on XP. Though I don’t recommend continuing to use XP :slight_smile: