Using LetsEncrypt SSL but want proxy through cloudflare

Hello, I can seem to figure out how to do this or if it’s even possible.

I have a .dev website which says it requires an ssl in order to use. Before using the LetsEncrypt SSL I created an Origin Certificate through cloudflare but on cPanel it said that the certificate was expired and did not work. This is why I ended up using the LetsEncrypt SSL.

Okay so what I want to happen is: use an ssl for website but still use cloudflare (as a cdn) for traffic, all dns, etc.

Hi @alvaradocarlos95,

This is fine. You need both a certificate on your server and a certificate on the Cloudflare proxies. The Origin Certificate is not publicly valid and only works in a proxied context. The Let’s Encrypt one is fine, just make sure you set the SSL/TLS mode in Cloudflare to Full (strict).

So I would need to apply the LetsEncrypt SSL to the cloudflare proxies, if so how do I go about doing this ?

No, you just need that certificate on your server and Cloudflare will issue their own universal certificate for the proxies.

Got it, thank you.

Also under the page rules I set **

I already have an A record pointing to the IP and a CNAME record with “www” pointing to the site

But the site is only accessible with this format: and nothing else

Not sure if there’s a fix for something like this

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