Using LetsEncrypt cert as CF origin cert



I have a free account with CF. I was wondering if there was a way to use a certificate from a free SSL provider (particularly Let’s Encrypt, as I’ve used their service in the past) as an origin certificate to secure the web traffic between CF and the origin server.

I appreciate any help you’re able to give me.


That should not be an issue at all. Just configure the certificate on your server, make sure Cloudflare is set to “Full strict”, and it should (presumably) work out of the box.


Doesn’t LE need DNS pointed to the origin server? With CloudFlare masking the server IP I don’t think LE will install a certificate on the origin.


LetsEncrypt has different ways to validate the domain. DNS, HTTP, etc.


That’s true for wildcard certs. I’ve had to add one for each subdomain to circumvent this restriction.


I have a wildcard certificate which I validate via a TXT record.


Ah, OK. That is probably a limitation of my hosting cPanel app then, as no such option is offered. thx

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