Using Let's encrypt instead of Cloudflare's SSL

Hey everyone,
I’m using let’s encrypt SSL on my website and want to take advantage of Cloudflare network to speed up my load time.
can I keep using my own SSL as it is right now alongside using Cloudflare without any problem or Cloudflare requires using its own SSL?
in other words, can I just don’t use Cloudflare’s SSL and use my own without any problem?

Only Business and Enterprise plans let you use your own TLS/SSL certificate for the front end connection.

Therefore I cant use the free plan and at the same time use my own TLS/SSL. That’s sad :frowning:

What are the advantages of your Let’s Encrypt certificate over the one Cloudflare issues your site?

nothing actually. its all about not going through the hassle of disabling it.

You shouldn’t disable it. You still need a certificate for your server if you want the full encrypted connection all the way to the server.


You can use your Let’s Encrypt SSL without problem. Just choose “Full SSL” at Crypto section.
Visitors will see this as cloudflare (public - shared) SSL but there will be no problem. If you want, you can use cloudflare ssl at your server instead of let’s encrypt. You can download your shared edge certificates at Crypto section. You can use “Full(Strict) SSL Mode” if you use shared edge certificate.

Not correct. Full (Strict) as the SSL Mode means that the origin certificate (be it from Let’s Encrypt, Comodo, Digicert, etc.) will be validated, so no self signed certificates (except for Cloudflare Origin Certificates, which are allowed). Full will simply require a certificate, even if not valid (expired, self-signed, etc.).

@matteo already made it clear, but just to make it really clear clear

Do not disable or remove your certificate

You need two certificates, one on your server and one on Cloudflare. The former one is the one you already have in place, the latter one is the one provisioned and managed by Cloudflare.

Make sure your SSL mode is “Full strict” and you renew your own certificate regularly and you are good to go.

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Thanks guys for help. at first i thought i need to remove mine to use the cloudflare SSL but now its “really clear clear” i need both and how to do it.

Thanks again


Good catch :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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