Using legacy name servers

Hello Cloudflare,

While registering the domain, I was using the nameserver names and allocated to me.
Now that has changed and I need to register a domain with a different nameserver. I am very sad about this situation because I loved the previous nameserver. Will I be able to use the old namaserver again?
It was very convenient when describing the old nameserver name to my customers.

I know it seems like a very unnecessary request but I really enjoyed it :smiley:

May I ask if you used Cloudflare Registrar, or rather transfered domain to Cloudflare Registrar?

Does it mean you got different nameservers under your (the same) Cloudflare account while adding another domain to it or you moved domain from other Cloudflare account to yours or vice-versa, or even moved from one of the Cloudflare Integrator Partners to your own Cloudflare account?

You are using Cloudflare Registrar and the same Cloudflare account or?

I have my favorite two. Though once or twice I had a different pair assigned. Nobody has any control over these, so whatever you’re assigned is what you get.

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