Using Klaviyo as ESP

Using Klaviyo as ESP, have set up a branded sending domain but the inbox providers are still not detecting SPF

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Have you tested your SPF to make sure that it is valid?

If you would like the Community to look into it, we will need you to share your domain name.

Thank you for the prompt reply!

So our main domain has a valid SPF record:
our subdomain that is used for Klaviyo does not: (CNAME record)
When we got in touch with Klaviyo this was their response:

Please note that the issue is not with the TXT record per se but the TXT record that is automatically applied to your branded sending domain CNAME record which you wouldn’t need to add manually. While reviewing this, I cannot see the SPF propagating fully for all the locations on the CNAME record

Did they give anything more specific? I see your CNAME just fine, which means that you already have it set to the necessary :grey: DNS Only.

They just mentioned the above along with a DNS check, saying its not getting propagated fully for all locations. Klaviyo said everything looks good on their end and to contact Cloudflare for further support. I tried adding additional SPF's to the TXT record for the main domain to see if it would affect to the CNAME record but that did not work either.

Attached is an image of what Klaviyo send for the DNS check.

That screenshot shows two different TXT records. The ones with the arrows have nothing to do with SPF and are not indicative of a problem. They should not be considered when evaluating SPF records. Just ignore them.

Your testing tool is only showing one TXT record per location. I would consider a better tool that shows all TXT records that are returned.

Have you tried sending an email through Klavio to Mail Tester? You can share the results URL here if you do.

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