Using IPSec or SSL VPN, such as GPVPN, in a PC with WARP agent in WARP mode


Just wondering if anyone has managed to successfully run likes of GlobalProtect VPN client or other IPSec or SSL VPN clients in a computer that has WARP agent in the “full WARP” mode? We have tried it but likes of GPVPN or other VPN clients fail to connect to the VPN server, IPSec or SSL, despite having ensure the VPN server domain is in the allow-list at Cloudflare and using a WARP split-tunnel to “exclude” the VPN server’s domain, public IP and even the private IP that would be assign after a successful VPN connection…however, the GPVPN agent cannot connect to the VPN target.

The only solution we found was to change the WARP agent’s operations to “DNS proxy only” mode then we’re able to use the GPVPN client as well.

Any input would be appreciated.

Hi @CNS01

Have you reviewed the WARP with legacy VPN documentation? WARP with legacy VPN · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

That is a good KB…I shall review it.