Using Imagify with Polish to Reduce File Size

I am already aware that I need not use Imagify to convert images to WebP, but the photos I upload are very large in file size, taking up lots of space. Polish does NOT reduce the file size.

Would using imagify help in this case?

Polish does reduce the file size in most cases. The problem with converting to WebP at the origin is cache. Since your images are cached by Cloudflare, they would be served to any visitor, regardless of whether their browsers accept WebP or not. This isn’t so much of a problem nowadays, as WebP is accepted by the large majority of browsers and devices, but you may still face issues with users of older smartphones.

As for using Imagify to optimize your images before they are uploaded to your site, yes, that would be very helpful, as Polish will only do the “last mile” optimization. The compression will always be relative to the original size, as the tool cannot know whether the picture is for a photography website aimed at professionals or an ecommerce site aimed at the larger public.

Please check the documentation for certain cases where Polish would not reduce the size:

Thanks a lot.

I also assume I do not need to use convert to WebP on imagify when using Polish (if WebP) is enabled?

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