Using https and edge ssl

Got new wildcard SSL

set it up on cpanel

Website is WP based and hooked up to cloudflare, so uses their nameservers

now i need ALL http traffic to go to https:

Now im a bit confused.

changed the cloudflare SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full (strict)

but I noticed that I have something called " Edge Certificates" active for my domain.

So if my site has real active ssl setup do i still need this " Edge Certificates" SSL

When i load site in chrome it loads thats ok

but when i click the padlock to view the certificate info it says the issued to …
but I think it should be GlobalSign who is the issuer

Due to how Cloudflare works, it can’t use the same certificate as the one your server is sending. Instead it will issue its own certificate for your domain and that one is what the browser shows.

Cloudflare’s regular SSL does end up showing since it uses “universal SSL”. If you want it to say “issued to <>” you can purchase a dedicated SSL certificate through Cloudflare.

I would leave it as-is since the “issued to” section is almost never seen and it doesn’t affect SEO/security/etc.

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ok but then was there any point me buying the wildcard ssl certificate? as cloudflare is issuing the ssl for free, even before i bought the SSL from third party, on most browser my site was accessible via https and was shown as ‘secure’ with the padlock

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