Using Heroku with Cloudflare



The domain points to the Cloudflare nameservers, but it keeps showing an 1016 error. I already contacted the support desk of Heroku, but the domain is resolving correctly on the Heroku side. Please help me out here.


Have you tried following this guide?


Yes, the Heroku support team shared this with me. I also send them screens of the Cloudflare dashboard and they couldn’t find anything wrong. I am really stuck.


Have you tried contacting support at support[@]


Not yet. First tried the community.


I have never used Heroku, if they don’t find errors on you config, try contacting support…

Is it possible that you misspelled something in you CNAME record?


Just double checked, but no typo’s


The support is the way I think, they can see what error you are seeing, we (most of us at least) do not have that access), maybe @ryan can help!


No response from the support team and don’t know why I see an 1016 error.

Also checked the troubleshooting


Alright, fixed thanks to the Cloudflare support team. @matteo, it was a typo (- instead of .) :expressionless:

Thanks for the support!

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