Using Godaddy Subdomain for Home Assistant


I am trying to use a subdomain I have on godaddy as a DNS for cloudflared on home assistant.
So let’s say I have my main godaddy DNS, lets say

on GoDaddy
I setup a subdomain let’s say

I want to have the subdomain to use Cloudflare name servers so I setup a DNS record of type NS name = ha and data = clouddflare’s nameserver.

Now what do I have to do on Cloudflare? I added the site, but I don’t think I’m seeing the sub domain there and in home assistant when I go to the link to create the tunnel I only see the base domain there Is this normal?

I’m a total newbie for network stuff btw…

Thanks for the help!

I’m a bit confused about what you’re trying to do. You cannot delegate a subdomain to Cloudflare without Enterprise. You can setup partial CNAME zones on Business.
On free version, you can only add the entire domain to Cloudflare via changing nameservers at your registrar.

If you transfer your nameservers to Cloudflare, when adding a Public Hostname, you can just select the domain “” and use the subdomain “ha” and input the service like http

You might want to put Cloudflare Access in front of it after, to secure it.

It sounds like currently, you may have your base domain added to Cloudflare but not active, which is why any changes you make aren’t applying, as you are using GoDaddy’s DNS and not Cloudflare’s. If you can share the actual domain name, could try to determine more of the exact issue.

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