Using GoDaddy & Cloudflare with nameservers

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone knows how I would get nameservers working? I’ve a free host from and it uses nameservers

I did my own googling before coming here, and the closest I could find was someone saying that some users on this forum have done it before or something along those lines, but not any actual answers

So if anyone knows how to configure a GoDaddy domain pointing to Cloudflare to use nameservers please tell me

I’ve already tried adding the byet nameservers on the Cloudflare DNS tab and waited a few days but that hasn’t worked

This won’t work at all. In order to use Cloudflare features you need to change the nameservers for your domain at your registrar, which is GoDaddy, or use a Cloudflare partner. MyOwnFreeHost seems to be one:

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Found here

So it seems that you don’t need a separate Cloudflare account. Just change the name servers on your domain control panel.

My only problem with this is that the vPanel they use doesn’t have the advanced DNS settings Cloudflare does

So I guess I could try contacting admins or something, but thanks anyway!

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