Using GET Fetch for API Javascript worker

I need to have someone send me a URL with query variables that I want to adjust and pass to a GET api. They don’t need to redirect or anything. Just need to send a GET so the API can log it in the database.

Here is api info

I need to add headers that have authentication info.

I am connecting one service to another. Neither service I control.

I can do this with non CF JS worker solutions. But for some reason I cannot get this to work for me. I know the header credentials work from using a manual header changer in browser. It works just fine.

Part of the problem is I am having an issue seeing the response. Is there a better way to do this? Am I missing something simple?

addEventListener(‘fetch’, async event => {
await event.respondWith(handleRequest(event.request, event))

async function handleRequest(request, event) {

	const url = "" + querystring;

	let thing =	{ 
		method: 'get', 
		headers: new Headers({
			'x_username': '******',
			'x_password': ''******',
			'x_account_code': ''******'
	fetch(url, thing)
		.then(response => {
			if (response.status === 200) {
			  return response.json();
			} else {
			  throw new Error('Something went wrong on api server!');
		.then(response => {
		}).catch(error => {


Hi, The ‘get’ should actually be all caps 'GET'. Also you should return the fetch in order to log the console errors. I started testing this here with the testing credentials you should be able to get the response you want.

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Thanks a bunch for getting back so quick!

Still one problem. I am getting an error I was getting a bunch last night I still do not know what it means.

“Uncaught (in response) TypeError: Failed to execute function: parameter 1 is not of type ‘Response’.”

This is after I put in my credentials. But even if I did not it should still return an error right?

I had tried with the capital GET but since i was not getting anything back I was just shooting in the dark. Thanks for that easy fix.

@bipitybopitythezopit Did you check out that demo link I sent? This is likely because you aren’t actually returning the fetch or the response in the callback. the handleRequest function needs to return either type Response or Promise<Response>

Whoops I had a typo. So the return should be

		.then(response => {
			return new Response(response)

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Awesome, thanks so much. That is working now!