Using geodns in cloudflare

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Is there any solution in Cloudflare to use geodns?
I mean, if a user come from US connect it to this ip:
If another user come from Germany, connect it to this ip:

Sorry, Cloudflare DNS is global. The only other way you’d be able to do this is on an Enterprise plan with an Origin Rule:


You can do this with geo-steering in a load balancer or using workers.


Do you have any complete documentation or video to run this? I’ve searched and couldn’t find any usable document.


Does it HIT cf-cache in geo-steering? If I want to route users from a country to specific server (my own server, not CF edge server, would it be hit or not?)
The thing that I want is to route users from Asia to my own server directly (not serving data from cloudflare edge server) and for others, serve data from cloudflare edge server.

Load balancing options are available in proxy or DNS only mode

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