Using Free SSL From Cloudflare will show Green bar?

Hi, I have 2 questions hope to find the answers here.
1- I saw few tutorials for some users using the Free SSL from Cloudflare and it shows on their padlock is secured but it shows a green bar ? is this available with the free SSL from Cloudflare?. My free SSL is working and the padlock is active but grey

2- The second question is:
I changed my nameserver to Cloudflare server and I used DNS with activating all necessary setting, I read this can speed up page load and make YSlow Score higher, Cloudflare now is active, but I didn’t notice any small change on YSlow Score, why this happened? I attach this screenshot hope it will help

This my page for checking the issue:

Works for me, sounds like you were hitting mixed content or perhaps clear cache/try from mobile/try from incognito tab. Let us know how it works.

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I contact the domain provider, they said there was an issue with Nameserver, and after that, I check the speed, wow it worked, speed improved on Yslow from 40 to around 60.
Can you please confirm the first Question if I can get a green bar on padlock? with a Free SSL subscription.
Thank you for taking the time to reply

How the browser indicates the site is secure or not is mixed. What browser are you using?

My site now is showing secured but the padlock is grey, I’m using SSL/TLS encryption with Flexible Mode.

I test it on Chrome and Mozilla.

Most modern browsers, including Chrome, are lately slowly removing “secure” indicators, like the green padlock you’re talking about. The grey padlock is expected and does not mean that your website is less secure.

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What browser are you using? And, can you share a screen capture? Did you clear browser cache or try incognito mode?

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I test now one website for my bank, and yes you are right it’s doesn’t show green, That makes sense now, Thanks for your answer

Chrome and Mozilla.i test it with incognito mode as well. it’s still grey :relaxed:

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