Using Fowarding rules without Proxying CNAMEs

Hey everyone,

I need to set up forwarding rules for two CNAMES (root domain @, and www) however I cannot proxy the records or else it will mess up with the integration with the site builders I use (Clickfunnels Classic and Clickfunnels 2.0.

How can I set up forwarding rules without proxying the CNAMEs?

Thank you

With the requirements you have, you would need to set up these forwarding rules on the origin server (that means, through Clickfunnels, according to your explanation).


Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately, that’s not something I have access to.
Clickfunnels classic did seem to have redirect settings, but they don’t work for some reason (maybe something to do with CNAME flattenning that Cloudflare has to do on the apex record

This is note on the CNAME record @ ( pointing to

CNAME records normally can not be on the zone apex. We use CNAME flattening to make it possible. Learn more. This record is managed externally. To request changes, please contact your provider.

Note: the team at Clickfunnels keep trying to convince me that you can set up page rules/redirects in Cloudflare without having to proxy the records…

Any ideas?


As the name suggests, you can only create DNS records in DNS-Only mode.

Redirect rules require using the proxy.


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