Using Flexible SSL with Azure for 3rd level domain only


I would like to use Flexible SSL for an application I’m planning to host on Azure. I do not control the 2nd level domain (i.e. directly, the application would live on a 3rd level domain entry (i.e. but other services I do not control live under the 2nd level (i.e. institutional web site) and should not be impacted by this. This means I would have to ask the controller of the domain to adjust the configuration of DNS entries. In general I believe this should be technically feasible, but not being an expert I’d like to have a confirmation before embarking this journey.

Would anybody please confirm I’m not missing anything? What steps would I have to go through to coordinate between the owner of the domain name on one side, and the configuration in Azure on the other end?

Thank you


If you can control NS DNS setting of, then you should be able to use Cloudflare.

This would require a CNAME setup or if your institution is already a Cloudflare customer a subdomain delegation setup.

Thanks for your replies. I do not control the NS DNS settings, who controls them already told me that there is no way we can change the name servers, the only feasible thing is add A records. My understanding then is that I can achieve what I’d need only with either a Business or Enterprise subscription, which are not affordable with our budget, hence I’ll have to give up.

Thank you again

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