Using Email Routing & Google Workspace Gmail together

I want to be able to use Cloudflare Email Routing and Gmail together - I like CF features for routing and Gmail features for Mailbox.

I get that this is not straightforwad but I wondered if somehow the MX record priority could be engineered to enable both:

  • use high priority (priority = 1) for smtp dot google dot com
  • use log priority (priority = 50) for Cloudflare MX records route1 dot mx dot cloudflare dot net (up to route3)

Then set a Catch-All in CF and use workers to distribute to multiple @ addresses and expect to get emails routed appropriately.

Obviously I am not able to set this up because the dashboard says “email routing is disabled” and won’t enable it until I delete Google MX records.
Can someone help expalin why the priority approach will not work? Isn’t the purpose of priority to try next server if first fails? Is it something to Cloudflare specific?

I am hoping to learn more about MX tbh


Yes, but “fails” means that the server is unavailable, not that it hangs up with a no such user response. You are going to need to pick either Cloudflare Email Routing or Google Workspace. If you have the latter don’t complicate your life by using the former. Set your MX to Google and configure your mail flows there.

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