Using Easywp wordpress hosting + Cloudflare | After I publish posts, site content is not updating

I use easy wp managed hosting service from Namecheap. I have done all the steps and connected the site to Cloudflare. When I publish new posts on my website, they are not appearing. I have to manually click the button “clear cache” every time I update the site. Please help what should I do

If you have a Cache Everything page rule, that’s a problem. What’s the domain?

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@sdayman I have no idea about Cache everything page rule. domain is
Thanks for your response!

In that case, Cloudflare is not caching your posts (image attached). The cf-cache-status is DYNAMIC, not HIT, so it pulls the page from your server every time.

However, something on your server thinks the page is Cacheable, and shows a HIT upon my second visit. I don’t know how long your server is set to cache the content, but it’s definitely not being cached by Cloudflare.

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@sdayman I also asked this from Namecheap support they replied me this,

Regarding your question about the cache plugin, it has three levels of advanced caching (Varnish, Opcache, Redis object cache). So, it takes time to update the data.

When you publish a post, it is available directly from the link. If you want that the post appears on your website, you should clear the cache on the server side.

We do understand your frustration, but it was done to speed up a website. Normally, cache updates in 24 hours.

Is that make any sense?

It’s very confusing and dissapointing. I can’t even see my new posts as soon as I publish them, unless I clear cache manually.

Thanks again for your time.

I understand their desire to speed up your site, and your frustration in not seeing new content right away. It’s a challenge I face as well. But, geez, 24 hours?

Most cache plugins have settings to purge the cache when you update or post new content. Does their plugin have such a thing?

And that’s as much as I can suggest. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do at Cloudflare to overcome this.

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@sdayman I have a bad feeling with their 24 hours cache system anyway lol.

if it’s not a wrong step done by me, or any change I did to cloudflare. I’ll feel fine…

Thanks a lot for your valuable time!

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