Using Dreamhost and can't see my subsite

I set all my DNS name servers on Dreamhost correctly and “IPv4 address” is correct on Cloudflare under “Type A” with the correct subname, “members”, buuuut the site still “cannot be found”.
I even added a second DNS A entry under “www.members”
I have been working on this for weeks when I have time but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to correct it. Dreamhost support said the problem is with cloudflare.

Hi @acbc,

Is this the page you also see?

If so, I’m really not sure how Dreamhost can think this is a Cloudflare issue, when it even has their logo at the bottom!

To help them troubleshoot it, you can switch that DNS record from :orange: to :grey:, make sure it’s all working OK with HTTPS and then, when it works, proxy it again.

Yes that is the page. They used some other site that is supposed to see if the website files are there and working and with the site the website loaded, but not natively through the regular internet.

Yes, it worked when I changed to DNS only, but there was no HTTPS.

That will most likely be the problem. If you want HTTPS to work there, you will need to get that sorted at Dreamhost. If not, change your SSL/TLS mode at Cloudflare to “Off” and it will load over HTTP.

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OK, I’ll do that. Thanks so much for your help.

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I have end to end encryption with cloudflare turned on, does that not count? Do I need to get a cert through Dreamhost? They told me I had a double cert and turned my SSL request off.

When you use Cloudflare, there are two parts to the connection. The first is between the visitor and Cloudflare and the second is between Cloudflare and your server.

If by that you mean Full (Strict) SSL/TLS mode then that’s good - it’s the only secure option there.

For that to work, though, you need the edge certificate at Cloudflare to secure the first part of the connection, but also need a certificate on the server to secure the second half.

I have no idea what they mean by that, but I presume they don’t really understand how Cloudflare works and don’t realise that you still need a cert on the server.

That will be the issue you are having here.

Cool! I understand completely. That makes perfect sense why I have been having problems and the cause of the issue. I am so grateful. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. Perfect!

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No problem, hope you manage to get it sorted!

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