Using Domains for Anything or Transferring Early

I originally transferred my domain to Cloudflare so I could proxy traffic to game servers I host without exposing my IP publicly. However, based on TOS 2.8, I can’t do that. I’m wondering if I would still be violating the ToS to host my game servers and only use Cloudflare for DNS resolution directly to my IP, or if that still violates 2.8, if I can transfer before the 2-month period (since reading up about it, it looks like the 2-month cooldown period isn’t a strict requirement from ICANN). Thanks!

You wouldn’t be able to do it without Spectrum anyways, which does allow gameserver hosting.

The normal orange cloud proxy only does HTTP and HTTPS

That’s fine.

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That’s fine

So to clarify, as long as I’m not proxying, I’m not violating TOS 2.8? Are there any exceptions for this (like, would hosting images without the proxy violate 2.8?). Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

2.8 only applies to proxied records.

2.8 also only applies if you’re not using the appropriate product - storing images or videos in Images/Stream/Workers KV/R2 are all completely fine.

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