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I have hosted a domain for my website at dreamhost and bought there two email addresses. Dreamhost created many dns records (MX, A, TXT, SRV) for my webmail and I would like to use it. I read that I need to put all records to the dns table at cloudflare. I did that but if I try to open the webmail it just redirects me to my website. I have entered all DNS records with a grey cloud.

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Yes, all your DNS records need to be here, just like they are at Dreamhost. It should be a workable setup. What’s the URL for your webmail?

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Here my link:



Is that a CNAME? It doesn’t seem like since it only returns an IP address.

I don’t like how that’s HTTP, and you’re entering login credentials.

Try this:

  1. Set that DNS entry to :orange:
  2. Create a Page Rule: Match* with a Setting for SSL: Full (not strict)


I just copied all DNS records from Dreamhost to cloudflare. is a A record.

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@sdayman well it also works with https. I noticed that it works fine I just had to clear my browser cache :man_facepalming:

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Theoretically it’s a good idea to rewrite to https?



If it’s set to :orange:, and your Crypto page here is set to Always Use HTTPS and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites, that should take care of it.

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Thats my rule, but does not work.



No need for a Page Rule. Use the Crypto settings page, and it will apply to your main site as well as webmail. And you need both settings: Always Use HTTPS + Auto HTTPS Rewrites.

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Should I set the cloud to orange for any record?



These should be :orange::

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So for any A Record and CNAME?



You can usually :orange: a CNAME record for a website and be fine. If not, set it back to :grey:.

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