Using custom domain in Cloudflare live stream

Hi community,

Anyone know if Cloudflare support custom domain for livestream feature?It is rtmps:// now, but I want to use our own domain on purpose, eg: rtmps:// Is it possible?

Offhand, I don’t think it’s something that’s natively supported.

Hi jwds1978, I can not find any document about this feature. But what does it mean when you said natively supported?it can be worked around?

I’ve seen workarounds such as the following for regular Stream:

I’ve not tested or used the Worker I linked above, I’ve just seen the post before. I’m not sure offhand about Live Stream though. I do use Stream, but haven’t used its Live stuff much though.

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It’s seem like a workaround for output url, what I’m looking for is input stream with RTMPS entrypoint. But thank you for helping. I will ask Cloudflare about this.

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Yes, that’s what I’d meant. I’ve seen that workaround for regular Stream, but don’t recall anything such as what you’re wanting for Live offhand though.

Soon! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Hi Zaid,
In case we upgrade our plan to Enterprise, does Cloudflare support us to create it now?

This feature will be available to all, including self-serve accounts. Drop me an email at zaid at and let’s chat more about your use case