Using create-react-app and subdomain

Just getting started with cloudflare. I’m using wrangler to publish the site to my subdomain. I set up my worker to point to my create-react-app but it seems to load but blank because it’s getting 404 on the assets.

Here is my wrangler.toml
account_id = “my-account-id”
name = “some-app”
type = “webpack”
workers_dev = false

route = ""
zone_id = "my-zone-id"

bucket = "./build"
entry-point = "workers-site"

What am I doing wrong?

I also have my dns set up to match this. (using example name/content)

Name: subdomain
TTL: Auto

Hi @jakehjung, what is the specific error message you’re getting?

Noob mistake… I made a mistake in the route. Forgot to add /* at the end of the url. Thanks!

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