Using Cost Calculator Pro- sending emails to clients, but we dont get a copy of the email " Their support says its hosting? Here is the link to the URL, our clients are able to send an email through our business email account [email protected] through the plugin. However Cost Calculator PRO says its our hosting that will not allow us to get a copy of that email. Does Cloudflare block Gsuite emails, so we dont get a copy of the estimate, that our clients got? Or how can we fix this? WE installed WPPlugin **WP Mail SMTP and the email goes through fine to the client, but we as a business are NOT receiving their estimate that they sent to us, so we cannot keep track of the estimates for follow up calls and confirmations? Any help here on settings I need to adjust to make this happen ?

Just checked your DNS. Looks like Cloudflare is configured correctly. I’d check your Gsuite configuration that’s likely what they meant by hosting.

Thank you, not sure, what I am searching for in the Gsuite configuration, not sure what to change.

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