Using clouldflare DNS proxy not working


Recently I was under DDOS attack and my shared hosting was affected. According my shared hosting record I am still see source attacker IP address instead of the IP should came from clouflare only since I use Cloudflare DNS to masked out my real IP and I don’t expose my real IP to anywhere. I tried to allow only traffic coming from Cloudflare and denied from other source in shared hosting but even I access from Cloudflare i got deneied. It look like my shared hosting can still manage to source ip address, so is there any solution to allow traffic only from Cloudflare ip range in shared hosting? I seem can’t do it no matter how i did my shared hosting still see my IP. All my DNS setting is in proxy mode and when I tried to lookup my domain only able to Cloudflare IP and somehow Cloudflare just acting like pass through without proxy.



Thank you for asking.

Usually, shared hosting provider offer e-mail from the same server where website is, correct? :thinking: If so, if using e-mail, your shared hosting IP is exposed that way.

And multiple users on the same server, meaning if the attack comming, it’s going straight to the server IP, if so, and all ar affected in that case.

Might be, take a look at a below article:

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I do aware on such case but the main issue here is I am testing myself too. In shared hosting side I have added my external IP in block list and I can’t access the web anymore with denied error from my hosting. I have checked all the DNS listing in Cloudflare is quite simple, only A record and CName proxy from Cloudflare, no email name record. So I am not sure why its bypassing Cloudflare. Testing from my mobile while blacklisted from shared hosting also same result. I am trying to restrict from shared hosting to allow Cloudflare IP range only to access my hosting but i got all denied access from all external host. I have checked all dns query is correctly replied from Cloudflare.

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