Using cloudlfare free ssl for S/MIME

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Since Cloudflare offer free ssl and email routing. Is it possible to use or issue S/mime certificate from Cloudflare to use with my email clients?



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I am afraid it’s not possible.

Cloudflare doesn’t provide SSL certificate for e-mail traffic, nor proxies e-mail by default (except, we can use Cloudflare Spectrum product to protect some proxied ports even for e-mail but that requires setup and configuration on the client/server side).
E-mail Routing feature cannot help in your case.

If you want to have encrypted e-mail, that would have to be a valid SSL certificate being generated via Let’s Encrypt; ACME; Certbot, or purchased online.
Therefore, your MTA would have to be using this kind of type of encryption and be properly configured.

Cloudflare’s Universal SSL cannot help here, neither Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate which works only for Web traffic.

Useful topic:

More about it:

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Hi @fritex

It would be fantastic if Cloudflare supported this, as we would be able to manage all of our sites and email security needs through Cloudflare rather than looking elsewhere.

Openssl is an option, but it reduces the authenticity as it is self-signed. So, just a request: if Cloudflare can issue S/MIME certificates, it will greatly assist us in managing another aspect of security.


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Kindly, I’d suggest you to create a new topic and make sure to categorize it as “Feature Request Submitting & Feedback” category.

Therefore, customers and users could add their vote, and hopefully we’d have this in future! :slight_smile:

Except, maybe some topic similar already exists :thinking:
A search :search: could help us to find it, if so.

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