Using CloudFlares CDN over CloudFront on workers

I am currently migrating our site to Cloudflare workers (a staticlly generated files). It works like a charm so far. Our images are still being served over CloudFront though; I was considering migrating to Cloudflares CDN, but first I’d like to know if there would be any differences, in terms of speed and performance because of this?

Naturally, “it depends.” Using Wrangler, you can even put images into Workers KV. Images in standard Cloudflare Cache won’t stay there forever if they’re not frequently accessed. So it’s a Pull CDN. Cloudfront is (or can be) a Push CDN, so you can preload the cache, which will make it faster.

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Thanks for your answer. Wondering how this can be done – our images are currently served in WordPress (around 16gb files).

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