Using 'cloudflared-windows-amd64.msi' to upgrade existing

I’m using the .msi version of Cloudflared to install on Windows 10 using a ‘limited functionality’ package deployment system. It installs just fine with just the ‘/qn’ flag; putting the exe in “C:\Program Files(x86)\Cloudflared”, adding it to PATH and registering the install in appwiz.cpl

What doesn’t work is attempting to update it using a newer version of the MSI. The MSI complains that there’s an existing version that needs to be removed before installing the new one. This is fine for manual updates or with a good deployment system but it would be great if the MSI could contain logic to upgrade existing installs.

I used Orca to take a look at the MSI but didn’t find any other flags that looked promising.

Has anyone managed to update using the MSI?