Using Cloudflare

I have an .art-domain registered with GoDaddy and the nameservers point to inmotion hosting.

Now I set up W3 Total Cache in combination with Cloudflare. The inmotion A record is recorded by Cloudflare, so I changed the nameservers at Godaddy to the Cloudflare nameservers.

After changes propagate, what happens is that my website loads a blank page and email stops working. Admin login still works for some reason.
I change the nameservers at GoDaddy back to the inmotion ones and things go back to normal.

But I want to use Cloudflare, does anyone know what has to be done in this scenario to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Without seeing the problem firsthand, it’s difficult to diagnose.

  1. Make sure you site functions with HTTPS
  2. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email, so those DNS records need to be set to :grey:

Thank you, sdayman.

For everyone running into the same issue, here’s how I solved it:

  1. cPanel > Cache Management > Purge cache
  2. Admin > Purge all caches
  3. Cloudflare > Caching > Purge everything

For the mail:

  1. Delete CNAME “mail”-record
  2. Create A record “” and IP of the hosting provider
  3. Change MX record “Mail Server” entry to “
  4. Purge all possible caches again

Let changes propagate, check later if DNS records updated at

It worked for me.