Using Cloudflare Workers with a custom doman but different nameserver

Is it possible to have a Cloudflare Worker running on a custom domain but using different nameservers? I’m using DDOS-Guard instead of Cloudflare and have a Worker that I’d like to put on a custom domain. Creating a CNAME record on my DDOS-Guard dashboard and pointing it to the URL of my worker doesn’t work.

I’m 99% certain this won’t work.

The one possibly working option would be another domain, which you CNAME to using the SSL for SaaS offering.

I’ve been trying to investigate this as well. I have a complex set of records on Route 53 for an actively used service. I don’t find it convincing that to use a Worker, the entire domain must be managed by Cloudflare - I want to use Workers as a standalone product because I believe it is simpler to use compared to AWS Lambda.

Short of purchasing a new domain just for a single Worker, or biting the bullet and performing a migration, I’ve explored using NS records to point some records back to Route 53 (or whatever nameserver you use). It’s worth a try depending on your needs.

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