Using Cloudflare Workers to connect to Unifi UDM Pro VPN?

I have an Unifi UDM Pro and I enabled the VPN, I can connect fine to it using my public address. I currently use Cloudflare Workers to sync my modem’s public address to domain with this excellent script.

Is there a way to use the same approach for a VPN connection? I tried using the token but I’m not able to connect. Thank you for your help.

Could you clarify a bit more on what you mean by using Workers for the UDM VPN?

Workers only speak HTTP & they’re stateless, only spun up upon a request or cron trigger - so if your question is if you can connect to the VPN through a Worker, the answer would be no.

What I mean, I use a worker to update the zone with the right ISP public address from my bridged modem, if it changes. I would like to login into VPN with a Cloudflare custom token (Zone:Read DNS:Read). In this way, I keep the A proxied and private.

My goal is not to expose my public address to world, while having the flexibility of using a subdomain like into my phone VPN settings (instead of public address), which is a CNAME to a proxied

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