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I just signed up for Cloudflare and i’m wondering if i could use it without completely delegating my DNS by updating the main nameservers.

If i leave my naked domain pointed to an my server A Record (i know CloudFlare wont be able to protect me if the the DDOS is happening by directly hitting the naked domain.) and i remove my www CNAME and instead add 2 NS Records for www.domain. redirects to which in turn would be protected by Cloudflare.

I’ve put 100k requests to the naked domain and it handled all of them (because essentially its a redirect that happens on the webserver level and is pretty much for all intents and purposes instantaneous ).

Would this case scenario work?

Thanks for your help!

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You’ll need to change your name servers to the ones Cloudflare assigns to you.

But you can keep your naked domain set to :grey: so it points directly at your server…though I don’t see a compelling reason to do so.

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Short answer: No

If there are any DNS records in your zone that shouldn’t be proxied, no worries. You can select which sub domain should be accessed through Cloudflare.


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