Using Cloudflare without changing nameserver


I have a question around DNS that I’m not sure on how to setup. Had a look through the existing posts but nothing jumped out as a solution for me.

We are building a new website in Azure that currently has a WebURL for example
I have control over the DNS records, but my company doesn’t want to move our name server over to Cloudflare for

The client has the URL and we need this to redirect to via Cloudflare.

Would really appreciate some guidance on steps to take to set this up.


Changing the nameservers for your domain is at least necessary to demonstrate full control over the the domain in question. And it has technical reasons. To make use of all the fancy stuff that Cloudflare offers they need it.

You can add custom nameservers on a business plan or above.


Hi Mark,

That’s great! Many thanks for the links.


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