Using Cloudflare without changing name servers

Before I start: My English is not very good. Therefore, you may not understand some of my sentences.
I bought a domain name with GoDaddy. I used two-factor authentication to secure my account. I forgot to back up these codes before I reset my phone. Therefore, the data of the Google Authenticator application has been reset and the codes have been lost. I cannot access my GoDaddy account.
I want to connect my domain name to Cloudflare, but I need to access my account to update the nameservers. That’s why my question is: Is it possible to connect to Cloudflare with a Wordpress plugin or via hosting company or cPanel without changing name servers?

No, you cannot avoid to change the nameservers, that is a prerequisite.

Though, I wouldnt say the main issue here is changing the nameservers but rather that you are locked out of your registrar account. That is something you should rectify as soon as possible.

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