Using Cloudflare with Web Hosting Reseller Accounts

So, we resell web hosting services, and with most other domain host, we usually create a sub-domain as authoritative, point it to Cloudflare, and have the sub-domain on Cloudflare point to the nameserver IPs of our server, and we can use them as nameservers for our clients. So we thought it would even be better if Cloudflare hosted the domain, but it did not work. When we try to do it that way, the response from the DNS tool that we use is the nameservers are not authoritative. Is there a way for a web hosting reseller to host a domain with Cloudflare and have their own nameservers without upgrading to a CF business account and using vanity nameservers?

I am sure that I am asking this for a lot of people and searched for the answer and I could not find it.

That sounds like a partner setup. Have you read this?

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