Using cloudflare with subdomains (without having root)?

My hosting only offers me a subdomain at the moment, does that mean I cant use Cloudflare until i buy a root domain?

(theres an error when trying to add subdomain)


Thank you for asking.

I remember my colleague wrote a good reply so I’d like to share his reply here about available solutions to you to use Cloudflare for sub-domain / add only sub-domain:


Can you share the domain? It is not exactly clear what you mean.

In order to use Cloudflare you generally need to own your own domain. There are some “subdomains” that are allowed, where the parent is on the Public Suffix List (The domain is a eTLD+1 in the lingo). Otherwise you need a paid plan to allow a subdomain to be used.

Using a subdomain where the parent of under aomebody else’s operational control can cause some security and operational issues.


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