Using Cloudflare with Playfab?

Dear Cloudflare community,

I am a major newbie in this world, but I am trying to do stuff anyways.

Is there any tutorial explaining how to connect Cloudflare in front of Playfab? We are using it for one of our games and we wanted to improve its performance Globally. Someone suggested me to look in this combo, but I can’t see anything related to it.

Thanks in advance!


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Not that I recall nor do I see anything on a quick search.

I’ve not tried playfab, but as long as the server is accessible via a DNS record pointing to the playfab server, I suspect the process would start with +Add a site from your cloudflare dash. I’d try that with a free plan as an experiment.

Let us know how it works and any bumps you encounter along the way.

Thank you so much for the reply. I’ll check that. But, one thing I heard from a friend is that, for security reasons, Playfab wouldn’t want to share the database hosted within them… I think I might have to go deeper with them on this one to understand.

Thank you again.

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