Using Cloudflare with non-delegated Domains


Is it possible to setup the domain in Cloudflare if it hasn’t NS servers?

I’m not going to deploy my own website, I’ve just bought the domain to make e-mail rooting. I’ve chosen the cheapest registrar in my country, but it doesn’t provide free DNS servers. So I have my domain registered but not delegated.
I planned to setup Cloudflare NS servers and using it to manage my DNS records, but I see “…is not a registered domain”. Google shows that yes, it’s because I have no NS servers, but I always believe I can use Cloudflare as the first free DNS hosting…
Can I deal with this?

Thanks in advance!

You will need to set some nameservers first, so that Cloudflare can ensure the domain is real. You can probably find some free nameserver providers online if necessary, though I’ve never seen a domain registrar that doesn’t offer this. For more info, see the linked post below.

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Thank you for your answer!

Yes, I’m just trying to find free DNS hostings.

As for registrer, I’m bought my domain through partner (reseller), and he isn’t provide DNS. But it was expected as the price is much lower than usual…

Have you looked at Hurricane Electric Free DNS Management?

Thanks all members! I’ve found that I managed to “trick” Cloudflare by delegating my domain to any existing DNS server even if I haven’t access to it’s dashboard. After Cloudflare see NS Servers, it allows to add a domain.

Thanks again!

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