Using cloudflare with nextcloud page error 522

hi everyone,
so i had to reconfogure my server running nextcload.
in the past i used another service.
becuase of changes to letsencrypt i’m now using swag.
my challenge is i have everything setup, but when i try to load the page for nextcloud at my url EX ( i get a 522 error. cloudflare says typically reach out to your hosting provider.
has anyone used cloudflare with nextcloud and swag?

It generally shouldn’t matter how you get your SSL cert on your server. If it works with HTTPS in :grey: DNS Only Mode (give it five minutes to take effect), then it should work here.

Here’s more info on what 522 means:

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thanks for the reply.
yeah i’m not blocking any ip’s. that i’m aware of. so unless my unifi setup is then i’m not sure.
are you suggesting i could fix this with a paid account?

There were quite a few other things to check in that link.

If you toggle the DNS entry to :grey: DNS Only, then give it five minutes to propagate, does it work with HTTPS?

i’m not sure where dns only is.
i have been reading and it seems this is or is part of my issue.

Before a connection is established, the origin web server does not return a SYN+ACK to Cloudflare within 15 seconds of Cloudflare sending a SYN.

thanks for taking the time by the way.

If you click on the DNS entry, you can edit it and toggle the :orange: Proxy to :grey: DNS Only.

How long does it take before it throws a 522?

thanks, yeah if i turn go with dns only i just load my unifi settings page.

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Once you get that straightened out, it should work in :orange: Proxied mode.

if i bought my domain from Cloudflare do i need to edit the Cloudflare Nameservers?
if so where do i edit this?
ive looked for an option but didnt see a way under configuration.

do i need to worry about nameservers? am i correct in believing since i bought my domain through Cloudflare I don’t need to worry?

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