Using cloudflare with nameserver

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i must user the nameserver1, nameserver2 for hosting provider so is there any other way to use cloudflare SSL service ? except nameserver1,2


If they won’t let you use Cloudflare name servers, there are only two other ways to use Cloudflare:

  1. They’re a Cloudflare Partner and their DNS is tied to Cloudflare DNS.
  2. You have a Cloudflare Business or Enterprise plan for a domain that will let you point external domain CNAME records to your Biz/Ent domain.
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Possible with partnered hosting company as they use CNAME to point at Cloudflare address.

thanks sdayman
i mean cloudflare require puting their nameserver on nameserver panel of domain provider
and same thing with hosting provider
so if hosting partner with cloudflare to fix that issue ?


I believe the recommendations that @sdayman and @user3996 are great avenues to pursue – however, if you are able to manage your DNS records with your hosting provider but must use their nameservers, a CNAME Setup available on the CF Business plan will be your best option to proxy specific subdomains.

That being said, Partnered Hosting providers allow you to configure these types of setups too, usually automatically so you don’t have to manage too many of your own records yourself.

Do you know if you are able to create DNS records (specifically TXT and CNAME records) at your planned hosting provider?


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