Using Cloudflare with Geographically Targeted DNS and Multiple source servers and websites

Hi, if I run one domain name that segregates visitors to several different unique IP addresses/websites based on the location of the viewer, is there a way for me to use Cloudflare also?

Currently we use a geo dns service so that when a visitor from say the UK queries, he gets an IP such as but when a visitor from France queries he gets and so on. Each of these unique IPs then forwards the visitor to a completely unique website designed for the viewers location.

with a standard Cloudflare setup I see Cloudflare cannot work with the above design, but is there an alternate method.

The Load Balancer can steer users based on which Cloudflare region they’re in:

Is this highly accurate? And is the rules based routing always followed? Which plans is this available with?

It’s not that accurate. Visitors aren’t always routed through the geographically nearest data center.

Cloudflare Workers might help:

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