Using CloudFlare with CommerceHQ - Question

I have a domain that was registered with Godaddy and I have moved into Cloudflare. I also have MX records for the email system under that domain that I have through Zoho Mail. I want to use the main domain with CommerceHQ, but they are telling me that the DNS record for the Domain has to point to them. Is there way to accomplish this with Cloudflare or will I only be able to keep my MX records in Cloudflare and point the Main Domain DNS to CommerceHQ (ecommerce store site similar to shopify).



You mean an “A” or “CNAME” record? That can still be done here.

Not what I mean at all. I changed the DNS from Godaddy to CloudFlare for the domain. Now CommerceHQ wants me to change the DNS to theirs saying that cloudflare won’t work. I’m a bit a rebel and believe there might be a way. I did ask if I could add an A record or CNAME and they said no.


That seems to settle it. The only reason to stick with Cloudflare is so you can proxy a website. But they clearly don’t want to let that happen.

Thanks. Was hoping there was a way around but i guess not. I’ll keep my mx records there though.

The MX records for your “” email have to be on the same name servers as the A and CNAME records for your “” website.

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