Using Cloudflare with Backblaze B2 (Private Bucket)

I created a CNAME which goes from to and a page rule which caches it.
Now I changed the Endpoint in my .env to and well my application throws 401 errors.
The cool part is that when I set the bucket public -> it works fine, but private throws 401 ( unauthorized) error.

Do you know how to solve that?

Thank you <3

That sounds like how it’s supposed to behave. Private buckets need a key to get in.

I know that I offer a Key and a Secret.
When I change the Endpoint to Backblaze which is not going to Cloudflare it works. When I change it to Cloudflare, it is not working.
Key and Secret are correct I dobule checked it.
Because of CNAME or Cloudflare, it „forgets“ the key and secret and I don‘t know what to do.

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