Using Cloudflare with a domain we don't own

We host and manage a large number of sites for several enterprise clients. We’re exploring how (or whether) we can use Cloudflare to provide DDOS and WAF protection for these sites. In most cases, these are smaller marketing sites or line of business apps that live on a subdomain. (Fictitious examples: or In most cases, their IT teams create a CNAME to our DNS, which then provides the A-record to our web servers. We typically use LetsEncrypt for SSL certificates.

So essentially (example):

Is it possible to use Cloudflare with this type of situation? Theoretically, we could do a “partial (CNAME) setup” by changing our A-record to a CNAME that points to Cloudflare. But would Cloudflare even allow us to add the originating domains ( and issue SSL certificates?

It sounds like you’re looking for something like Cloudflare for SaaS:


Thanks for the tip! That does indeed sound like what we’re looking for.


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