Using Cloudflare WAF on a subdomain not hosted in Cloudflare

Hey there everyone,

I want to use Cloudflare to protect one of my subdomains which is on a server outside of Cloudflare. I don’t want to change any of the structure so far, I just want to add an additional layer of DDoS protection. But I am struggling to find where to start. Cloudflare doesn’t allow me to add a subdomain, it asks for the main domain name.

I searched the tutorials and documentation, on other forums and guides but couldn’t find anything related to my issue.

Any help, advice, guidance or tutorial would be highly appreciated.

Kind regards

If you want to use Cloudflare only for one particular hostname, without changing the DNS setup for the whole domain, you will need a Business plan with a CNAME setup.


Saving my life, really! Thank you!

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