Using Cloudflare to manage DNS with Shopify

We have a Shopify client that needs to move their DNS and would like to use Cloudflare. The only documentation in Cloudflare I can find related to Shopify refers to Cloudflare Enterprise. Can we use the free Cloudflare account for DNS and just passthrough all the records, or will that cause issues with Shopify given they already utilize Cloudflare?


You most certainly can. Cloudflare, in :grey: DNS-Only mode, is standard DNS, like most anywhere else.

No. Shopify domains work fine here. Just be aware that a domain on Shopify will use Shopify’s Cloudflare settings, even if it’s set to :orange: Proxied. It will behave just like if it’s :grey: DNS Only, which should be fine.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond! Very helpful.

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