Using Cloudflare to distribute game update

Hello everyone,
I’m currently developing a game and I’d like to know if using cloudflace caching service to distribute the game files/updates is against the TOS or if there will be bandwidth throttling if too many people download the game/updates.

Thanks in advance.

Depending on the plan you are on your maximum file size if 512 megabytes

I would not assume there to be any TOS issue but you could contact support to clarify that for sure.

Thanks for the fast reply, for me the file size is not an issue because i have a lots of medium sized files ~200MB.

I’d still contact support as I am not sure if they’d cache all of it. I presume there is an overall limit, though thats not advertised as it seems.

This should be fine, just remember that CF only caches the below extensions unless you use a page rule for “cache everything”.

I’ve contacted them and the rule for my website is “Disable Security, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Disable Performance”. The test I’ve done so far with this rule where very successfull.

Then you are probably fine!

Did they say anything about an overall limit?

I am waiting for their response. I will let you know what they told me.

Their response was pretty disappointing, only a link to

So, 800 500MB files are no problem? Free storage!!!11 :wink:

@cscharff, I guess there is a total cache limit, right?

I actually don’t think so, depends on the usage you have, the more requests the more storage.

That would be roughly 400 gigabytes worth of cached data though. There must be some overall limit I guess.

Yeah probably, but it must depend on the specific POP, AMS is probably a larger data center than MXP, so I would assume a larger cache.

I get your point, but still, 400 gigabytes for a single account, possibly even free, sounds a bit too good to be true.

Per customer? No.

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probably needs to comply with CF terms and conditions

Cloudflare does not have bandwidth limits. As long as the domains being added comply with our Terms of Service, Cloudflare does not impose any limits.

or do chunked/split uploading

If you require to upload resources larger than these limits, you can either do that by uploading chunks smaller than the above thresholds, or you can upload the full resource through a grey-clouded DNS record so that Cloudflare is bypassed.

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